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Hello, I'm Nakul

I am a user experience designer currently working on SaaS products in the enterprise HR space. My interests lie in devising elegant and scalable solutions for large scale enterprise challenges that are complex in terms of workflow, requirements and business logic. I earnestly believe in transforming the user experience for enterprise users from something they have to live with to something they truly love.


My professional work spans primarily across enterprise applications. I have worked on payroll, time and recruiting modules in the HR space and with the Employee Experience teams in the past. This included projects ranging from feature enhancements to end to end design of completely new features/applications, examples of which you can find below. I am also currently a part of early stage generative AI initiatives working in the Recruitment domain. As my personal interests, I like to experiment with motion graphics and some creative coding as well.

 Some of the the work below is password protected (Yeah, I hate that too :( ). Please get in touch if you might need access. You can find the password in the resume too if you've received that. Also, there is no loading indication on this Wix website. It's a 'known issue' apparently ;) So please be patient when you click on stuff! 


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