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Creative Coding

Some experimental personal projects that I undertook to create creative applications.


They work best when viewed on a desktop and may not work on all devices


Christened after the famous AI from the Ironman comic series, this was an attempt at creating a futuristic looking interface that used an element of voice recognition and motion graphics. This interface was used to present my work in the jury that took place at the end of second semester at NID, Bangalore. It may not work well on screens of all resolutions, especially mobile. The application can be accessed below. There is also a recording of the application in case you are unable to view the application.

Suspended Verses

This was a personal project created to generate art from a piece of poetry or prose. Parabolic curves are plotted between vertices representing alphabets as they appear in the verse. This gives rise to beautiful complex patterns. The verse can either be user entered or selected from a given list. The patterns can be generated in any of the selectable colors and the verse is also read out using a text to speech library.

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