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Motion Graphics

Below are listed attempts at animation or motion graphics done as side projects or as part of college assignments. Most of them were created using Adobe After Effects.

The Metal Guitarist

Created for no particular reason :P

Loading Graphic For Gen AI Use Cases

Created this loading animation for generative AI use cases that I worked on. This is an animated version of a standard illustrated message available as part of our library. Gen AI could take up to 30 seconds to generate and a progress indicator was not technically feasible.

Animated Icons

Animated icons created for a concept mobile app that allowed users to plan their leisure activities and another set of icons created for a home automation app.

Other Projects

A motion graphics sequence created to show the services provided by a startup in the space of healthcare 

An animation created to show interactions in a concept app as part of a hackathon that allows users to choose their favorite fitness activities and participate in local social events.

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